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Coffee’s for Closers Only!

Coffee’s for Closers Only!

Next month, I will be officially completing my whole 1 year into Internet Marketing. Really, I did Internet Marketing for 1 year regularly except when I had date (Obviously, No Girl like ignorance) and exams (I loved that break from work). Making multiple digit income constantly daily inspired me the most to work regularly but what really help me is the motivation I seek from my friends like Adnan, Sandip and a newly met friend (not willing to mention her name). These people really motivated me.

I remember, When I was scared losing money and Sandip told me,

well you can do one thing

Either stop crying for disabled ad accounts or move on to different thing !!

and the second day I take the risk after listening these words (which really motivated me to work and take action) and hit the 4 digits ROI very next day which is very rare in Internet Marketing anyone can touch in just few days working on a new traffic source.

Internet Marketing ROI

You must be curious to know, How I made this much awesome ROI then I must tell you I made it via using different traffic sources and few of them is SEO and Youtube!

Meeting with Adnan was also awesome, a guy making hell loads of money from Bangladesh but still act like newbie (He is just afraid of getting kidnapped, lol). He inspired me to work continuously, Do gyming (Think about your health first, you are becoming lazy fat ass) and continuously do the hard work and do proper time scheduling. This was his strategy to become successful, He even published this on well known Internet Marketing forum as well.

Now the main motive to tell you is that, Some people just come in your life but they actually become your mentors. Not saying only these helped but many helped me with this journey. I just wasted to say thanks to them by making this.

Well, If you don’t have any good mentor, Then this video is best for you to understand “Internet Marketing”.

 Note: I will be doing Case Study over my this journey in brief for free! Stay Tuned \m/

by Akshay Jain

A ☎ Tech Savvy $ Internet Marketer ⓑ Blogger {Web Designer} ♬ Trance Music Lover and ♥ for Flat UI.

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  • Adarsh Khera

    Im proud of you boy ImI
    U r the best 🙂