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Hard Work is the only thing you need to get success? Wrong!

Hard Work is the only thing you need to get success? Wrong! post image

Ever since I started learning about Internet Marketing and I did endless research. Some of them fall apart and very few of them worked so far. Whatever I learnt is really important to me weather it comes from failure or success. Both of them are crucial in my learning.

But really hard work is the only thing which rewarded me with some of the success? Though I still say I’m not successful but is hard work is the only thing you need to get success? Trust me, it’s not. It’s just a part of cycle that’s it.

Many of just think that Internet Marketing is easier way to make money with and very few of them actually learn if they try it that it isn’t few clicks game. It’s is about endless number of hours you spend in a campaign, making it look like your one best shot and the most important you have an emotional attachment with it with the hope of being successful with it making you millions. But that isn’t server as a free lunch. Because,

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

So if that is not just the hard work, what exactly is that?

It is your determination, you willing to achieve something. Your revenge to someone being successful or maybe you want something which you always felt missing in yourself. Maybe something which never gave you respect in your whole lifetime but this market is giving you. We keep on trying new things in the hope that whatever is working would double the return.

It is the one word called: Sacrifice. You need to sacrifice too much to gain too much. Few of us sacrifices our social life to being steady in the business and being regular with our associates. Some of us even sacrifices our luxuries, our lovable such as costly perfumes or a latest iPhone. Just like for me, I sacrificed driving too much to save money over the petrol just to keep my campaigns run longer when the next is going to release the payment on NET 60 schedule.

But still something is missing from it, any guess?

Whenever you see a successful person, you just see the glory around him. Never sees the endless sacrifices of sleep to achieve his dream.


by Akshay Jain

A ☎ Tech Savvy $ Internet Marketer ⓑ Blogger {Web Designer} ♬ Trance Music Lover and ♥ for Flat UI.

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