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If you are lazy, this SEO Strategy is for you!

If you are lazy, this SEO Strategy is for you!

I love to try new traffic sources always even if it’s suited to the monetization method or not. Trying SEO with CPA is something new for CPA Marketers but it actually works if you know the incentive CPA Marketing. I mean, Yeah. You actually have to use SEO to rank your website which gives some kind of Incentive to the Users and they have to fill surveys according to it to have it. Now the thing is I want to keep it very short and brief but everything is understandable of course.

Lazy SEO Strategy

Preparing Money Site

What you have to do is buying a domain name on your niche/keyword. I always prefer .com over any other TLD but you can go with .net and .org also if .com is not available. Now for example, Keyword is suppose “FLV to MP3 Converter”. So, I will be blessed if I will get a domain Well, it’s not available. No need to worry, you can have for your niches/keyword all you have to do is research. You have to install WordPress on it after connecting to hosting and do all that On Page SEO stuff, Regularly publish article on it as we do in our normal blogging sites to keep it updated with fresh and unique content. That is going to be our money site.

Preparing Web 2.0s

Now, we will go to the Web 2.0s like,, and Make the blogs over that which are available totally for free and takes hardly 1 minute to make the account over them. It’s really easy to do so. You have to re-write the article it can be one of the article published over your main blog and just re-write it and publish over your web 2.0s. Obviously, you have to make multiple re-written article for each time you make new Web 2.0 or publish new article on that. Now, once you going to publish. Just add the Money site link at the bottom of the article anchored to the primary keyword.

Preparing Social Bookmarking

Same thing you will do for Social Bookmarking if they need to have Article else you can write a short description and use it over and over. Social Bookmarking sites are like, and You can also consider Facebook Page as a good social bookmarking site. Yeah, you have to share every article published over your money site on the social bookmarking sites.

Again, Preparing Video Links

Now what you have to do is make 2-3 version of a video based over your niches. People recommend online video making sites but I won’t do this stuff. All I will do is summarize an article published over my main blog into the Power Point Presentation and that I will convert into the video and publish over the sites like, and That’s enough, Make sure you are aware that now allows clickable links in their video description. A very long awaited feature for the Video Marketers. Of course, I am also happy with that change. Same thing again, Add the URL of your money site in the description of the video.

Thank God, Last Stage!

Now once you are prepared with the Web 2.0s, Social Bookmarks and Video Links. Just launch your GSA Search Engine Ranker and blast the GSA over these 3 types of links.

Technically what just happened, you will be thinking that it’s black hat. Right? No you are not right. If you see till tier 1 that is Web 2.0s, Social Bookmarking and Video Links we are actually doing normal SEO which everyone should do as these links are the best and freely available link which are really high quality. But we are doing Black hat over these links which we made in the first tier so we are actually doing no Black Hat on our money site. Our money site is totally safe and will have long term SERP stability. Of course, It’s very important to have all the links, article and bookmarks get indexed in Google else you will not get any benefit of this hard work. Indexing is really very important part as per my knowledge. And yeah make sure, you make maximum to maximum 50 Thousand links only using GSA. I would prefer 30 Thousand as I usually get rank my site till then but 50 Thousand is the maximum. If no results coming then just leave the niche and jump over to the next one. No one can be successful every-time.

Learn Sacrificing and Moving On if you want to be a successful Internet Marketer.

You can’t simply cry for the thing which cannot work for you even you work whole day and night, This is Internet Marketing my friend if you can’t move on then it’s not for you. So learn sacrificing and moving on. Even my grandpa can do this strategy stuff, It’s that simple.

You can easily find the list of Web 2.0s, Social Bookmarking Sites and Video Sites online. Just fetch them from there and get started. If you have any kind of problem understanding this strategy, then just ping me or give feedback below as comments.

by Akshay Jain

A ☎ Tech Savvy $ Internet Marketer ⓑ Blogger {Web Designer} ♬ Trance Music Lover and ♥ for Flat UI.

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  • Mohit Singh Tyagi

    big thumbs up
    nice bro, $$$$ earning strategy

  • Hey Akshay,

    Reminds me of what we used to do back in 2005 🙂

    Good to know that it still works. Being lazy will leave us with limited options, but i guess we don’t mind additional money-making methods. Every bit adds to the total,

    PS. this is my first visit to your blog, will check out some more posts,

    Uttoran Sen,

    • Hello Uttoran,

      Thanks for visiting my blog mate. Yeah I used to do this stuff when I was in blogging. But lately I left blogging and moved to Internet Marketing. I still do some SEO for my money making sites but it’s really good to have experiencing SEO.

      Anyways, Yeah I too don’t mind additional money 🙂

      Thanks again mate, I hope you find my blog well for you. Cheers 😉