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Kiss Strategy to Make Highly Converting Landing Page (Part 1)

Haha, Obviously I’m not going to share any Kissing Strategy here with you. Kiss stands for Keep it Simple Stupid.

Kiss Strategy to Make Highly Converting Landing Page (Part 1)

I’m doing Internet Marketing since 2011 but still the best thing is creating landing pages and ad copies. Yeah, it’s an art about Internet Marketing that one has to be creative enough to make his failed campaign into winning one if the ad copy and landing page is superb, highly creative and unique.

But wait, it’s all now in blogs today if you want to make your campaign successful you’ve to focus on some stuff which’re required as basic now. It means if you’re not doing it you’re leaving money behind on the table back and it can be more than 90% and in the worst case you will see your ROI in Minus (Negative). I’ve personally tested everything I’m mentioning and trust me it worked for me really very well.

One thing I want to share is that I work on one niche at once, so I know what things work for my niche very well. I’ve tested a lot of landing pages about my niches so the best combination I had, I’m running that. Although every strategy I’m mentioning here I follow all of them on my landing pages but still it’s your decision what you want to add and ignore as per your needs.

Catchy Headline (Seek Attention)

Extra news today

I was working on a landing page which didn’t have any kind of Catchy Headline. The result was that my CTR (Click Through Rate) was really very less. I mean, a good part of my visitors were not taking any action on my landing page. So what I did is that I made a headline (H1, But you can make it bigger using CSS also) which was actually seeking attention of the visitor. The purpose of doing so is that my CTR was increased by 10%. It means I was having CTR of 58% (avg.) but now it’s somewhere around 68% (avg.) in other words additional 10% of my traffic started taking acting on my landing page. Now, if the CTR is increased it will affect my CR (Conversion Rate) also. So my CR in USA increased by 10% here also, in other words additional 10% started converting for me.

Same thing is practiced by many daily newspapers and Ad Marketers as well to catch the right audience in no time.

Did you know?

GEO Translation (Translate in Native Language)

GEO Translation

When I was sending my traffic to English landing page it wasn’t converting at all. Yeah, the traffic was from France. I tested a lot making loads of changes in landing page but didn’t work at all. France traffic is one of the best traffic in this world and they pay much better than any other country somewhere around $12/Pin-Submit (Avg. Rate industry wide) whereas United States isn’t having much of this if you compare it with France. So the equation comes up as

1 France Lead = 7 USA Leads averagely*

Did you know?

So what I’ve actually done to make my CR around 10% (avg.) in France, I randomly translated my landing page in French (France’s Native/Official Language) and trust me, I had ROI over 1000% (Beat it if you can) So translating landing page according to your traffic’s native language is very important. But we prefer to use HTML and CSS to make landing page so it’s next to impossible to make dynamic landing page (Even I’m not that well in coding) so what I did is I used GEOIP Script by using MaxMind (Lately they have closed the free version and charging per hit now) for redirecting my France traffic to French Landing Page.

Respect Their Mother Tongue, lol

Better Loading Speed for Websites

Faster Website

I spend very good amount in my website’s loading speed. But how, I’m using Amazon’s AWS Service and MaxCDN (as per the server location available by both of them). For example, If I want to send my traffic to Malaysian Landing Page I use MaxCDN for that but for USA Landing Page I use Amazon AWS. Now, I will explain I’m not the only guy who is doing this. There are many who spend loads of money on premium range Cloud Servers and Cloud Delivery Network so that they can make huge ROI because there was an old say in Internet Marketing,

With every 1 second increment in loading time, you’re losing 10% of the money you’ve earned.

Did you know?

Even though my blog ( isn’t generating me any kind of money but still I’m using MaxCDN over my blog. Though, I’m not coder or highly skilled designer that’s why my CSS is not that optimized but it’s very fast at times as compared to other blogs over this web. So yeah, Speed matters a lot.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsiveness

This is the most important thing to have in landing pages. I must say this is very important because Mobile is breaking every record in every vertical as compared to desktops. Even without including Tablets it’s alone is capable of beating Desktop in Conversion, Revenue and the most important is that the traffic from mobile is much cheaper as compared to desktops so yeah, Making mobile responsive landing page is must.

One thing I must say in this case, Mobile is always closer to us as compared to Desktop, Because mobile is always in our hands else in our pocket or beside pillow But it’s never away from us so mobile makes big difference in your earnings. There should be no second thought to make landing page mobile responsive unless or until you’re doing your traffic 100% Desktop.
According to my stats, my 80% traffic is from mobile and I was sending my traffic to non-responsive landing page. The things I noticed that the traffic wasn’t even reaching to my landing page so I quickly hired a designer on and I asked him to make me a mobile responsive landing page.

If you know coding you can use Bootstrap Framework, its mobile responsive and easiest to modify according to your needs. But I will still go for custom framework so that you won’t have any extra coding in your landing page.

Right now, I’m having exams these days so I’m not having much time to contribute but once my exams are over I will be sharing further tips with you (will go for small vacation also in-between). If you want to be successful internet marketer, you’ve to put efforts to achieve that. I’m continuously trying new style, tactics and strategies to make much better landing pages because I know each and every test will give you something back even failure is a good lesson at times specially when money is involved in it.
If you’ve better tips and strategies to share please let me know by comments, I’m open to listen you guys and add in my next article (will give credit back to you).
Happy Money Making, Cheers. 🙂

Disclaimer: Above mentioned Strategies are tested by me and shared only because these strategies profited me a lot.

by Akshay Jain

A ☎ Tech Savvy $ Internet Marketer ⓑ Blogger {Web Designer} ♬ Trance Music Lover and ♥ for Flat UI.

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  • Vishu

    Well the stuff is really very interesting.
    but m confused in two things.
    The CTR you get such high is for which traffic source type i mean (PPC, CPV, PPV or any other).
    The France offers you are taking about are from which network(Hope You reveal if don’t then also fine).

    • Hey Vishu,

      Thanks for reaching to me here, I’m doing loads of traffic sources. I must tell you CTR depends upon the targeting, niche and landing pages. It has nothing to do with the traffic source (except Viral Traffic).

      I’m currently working with Incentive CPA Networks but there are many other networks you can check out for example: PeerFly, AdWorkMedia and MaxBounty. All of them are having Pin-Submit Offers.

      If you’ve any further issues, Don’t hesitate to comment back.

      Thank You 🙂

  • Hello Akshay,

    First off all Congo for your success, you are doing great..

    Akshay i am blogger and wants to learn new thing in Affiliated marketing, Landing page conversation etc from you… If you have some free time then please let me know, we will discuss about all these things.


    • Hello Harshit,

      Thanks for coming up here. well, I really appreciate your stand on learning Internet Marketing. I can help you no doubt in this. Currently I’m planning to make an secret group for all the readers of and I will be sharing some secret tips and methods there.

      Kindly, Fill the form:

      I will be taking you inside no worries in that.

      Thanks 🙂