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Reasons for your Failure in Internet Marketing

Reasons for your Failure in Internet Marketing

Many of the people quickly write over the ways to be successful in Internet Marketing even those who not earned a cent online yet but calls himself successful. I hope he comes into the reality as soon as possible.

But what can be the reasons for your failure in Internet Marketing? It took me 1.5 year to earn my first cent from Internet Marketing (not considering Blogging and Services). Eventually, I have gone through each of the below mentioned situations to find my failure, reasons to failure.

You are Lazy, You are Fat!

Doesn’t matter if you are fit or fat but according to me if you are lazy you got to work-out man. Now don’t think clicking few links, reading some article is what I mean as work-out. Work-out here means that to go to Gym and do some exercise, take bicycle and go and ride or do some high music EDM Dance. But hey, Yoga can be the good start for you.

Because if you’re lazy it means you’re mind set is not fit. If you want to work you have no room for laziness. You can adjust the time you want to invest in but have to find some time in your schedule to have it.

My Story: I know I am not fit so I am right now focusing on my diet but as soon as my college gets over I have plan to join Gym, do some cycling and swimming later on to reduce weight and I am sure I will lose laziness. (I know it, confirmed!)

You lack Motivation, You are fired!

Without motivation do you think you can work? I cannot. Motivation can be in terms of money incentive, blessings or love. Since my 11th Grade I am reading about motivation, because I was forced (it was in my syllabi). But what did I learn, Motivation is needed. I am sure you enter into the marketing and no-one is going to pat your shoulder and motivate you by praising you. For the start you can watch some videos, read other marketer’s blog or best is to watch America’s Got Talent or Britain’s Got Talent videos. It gives me entertainment, motivation and sometimes ideas to do something with my niches.

My Story: Since, I started working online there was no motivation from anyone personally all I had the people talking about online money making and shit. I wanted to do the same, talk about it. So it motivated me in starting.

You don’t dream, You are idealess!

I don’t know what I dream when I sleep, its imagination or whatever I don’t know and care. But my dreams are what I need, what I actually dream in noon in my proper consciousness. That’s my dream and I want to achieve it. Suppose, you bank $100,000 but you don’t have idea how to spend it? It can be venture investment, luxury or even donation. It’s as waste as a poor guy who don’t have money. Poor guy don’t have money to buy his dreams and you don’t have any dream to invest your money. Same meaning different name.

My Story: I do dream a lot, sometimes I do get failed in achieving it but at-least I dream and I work on achieving it. It’s the best thing which makes me continue to work and earn living via. IM.

You love counting, You have excuses!

I see people around me, Oh wait. Not just they but it includes me also who always count the reason of failure but actually they don’t value it. We get failed at-times but instead of analysing it we start crying about it. It leads to killing time for nothing. Suppose, A guy failed in a grade and forced to repeat the class. He cries and cries over his failure, is he going to be succeed again? You know the answer!

My Story: I used to and I still count sometimes about my failure but I somehow get up and try to analysis the shit. It’s good to cry over your failure but constantly leads to time wastage.

You don’t have money to start, You should work 9-5!

Most of the time I see people around Facebook, Skype and Forums asking I don’t have much money or better is I don’t have money. How to get started? Man, We work online because once we all had no money as you. You have to figure out how to earn money so that you can get started. It’s the best advice you will get from Gurus.
But let me tell you, Newbies are asking how to make money, You reply back you have to figure out how to earn money. Easy, It doesn’t fix anything but adds humiliation and no-motivation in them. Let me give you some advice, If you are having good voice or comic voice you can do Fiverr. Now, You can use Fiverr for almost any expertise or shit. You can sell logos, Articles, Services and much more. So 50% people’s problem is solved now. Now come to rest of the 50%, Yeah I know you guys have talent but not hunted yet or you are not god gifted. So what to do? You can learn skills and start providing services or work for someone online. It’s the very best start to make money online. You can’t stop yourself from working unless you don’t want to make money.

My Story: Even I provided articles when my blogs were not doing well. I had to pay for my servers and domains. Later on, that profession changed into a good stable online business and I was doing real well till Google actually slapped the services if you remember “Guest Posting Services”.

Point of this article is not to disappoint your or demotivate you but the problem is we all at certain point loose common sense and ask silly questions to ourselves or the gurus and waste our time around. It is better to work-out actually instead of actually waiting for someone to circle the magic wand and rain money from your cupboard or maybe you can look into the Yellow Pages for the Ollivander’s Wand Shop and buy one.

I’m not working since last year December due to College and exams. I had some poor result in previous semester so have to empty the back-log. That’s why I took break from the IM (It’s good because doing both may lead to failure as I don’t work multiple things at once). But still, I am highly motivated to start IM again once my exams are over for the last semester as I will be free. But till then, Keep trying new stuff and hey, I am not successful yet. Cheers!

by Akshay Jain

A ☎ Tech Savvy $ Internet Marketer ⓑ Blogger {Web Designer} ♬ Trance Music Lover and ♥ for Flat UI.

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